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Simple and secure credential escrow service for teams. Proven at scale. Also provides an easier way to manage S/MIME digital certificates.


Vulnerability assessment for high-risk applications. Dorkbot identifies potentially high-risk Web Applications from public sources (e.g., search engines) and narrows down from there in a very efficient manner. Dorkbot is currently free to Higher Education and is serving over 200 campuses.


Robust workflow management, automation and system of record for your security operations team. Automation library of hundreds of customizable protocols ensures that common incidents across your network network will be resolved with minimal analyst attention. In these common cases – which represent approximately 85% of breach incidents – Panopticon steps in and handles threat mitigation, data collection, template generation, and response automatically or semi-automatically depending on your institutional preferences. Built in collaboration functionality and detailed reporting helps your enterprise identify gaps and measure effectiveness. Proven at scale with largest multi-year deployment of over a million endpoints.


Sensitive Number Finder (SENF) Suite provides an enterprise with a wide array of tools for data leak protection or unexpected sensitive data exfiltration events. The SENF Suite is uniquely designed to identify numbers such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs), Credit Card Numbers (CCNs), Medical Record Numbers, and so on, that are stored through the enterprise.


A Risk Assessment Solution designed for academic & government applications. ISORA is an enterprise-wide risk assessment application that can also ensure compliance of targeted systems/units/devices with specific regulations like PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and/or specific state statues. ISORA is a web-based solution built to be flexible and scalable for any environment - From a few hundred devices to a large federated environment consisting 100,000 devices.


The Password Manager for Teams

STACHE provides an enterprise or highly distributed environment with a streamlined, secure, and web-based solution to store sensitive credentials or strings using FIPS 140-2 compliant hardware security modules. All while providing escrow and collaboration capabilities.

Trusted Platform

Rely on a trusted platform built for the enterprise in mind rather than asking users to leverage a variety of products intended for personal use.

Share Sensitive Credentials

Securely share sensitive credentials or strings (passwords, license keys, procedures, etc.) with colleagues across an enterprise.

Escrow & recover

Reliably escrow and recover sensitive passwords and sensitive data in the event the owner is unavailable, the enterprise is responding to a lawful request, etc.

S/MIME Digital Certificates

Easily store and escrow S/MIME digital certificates issued via InCommon using built in API capabilities.

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STACHE Across Institutions

Stache is a proven solution to manage team credentials with a long deployment track record at scale.

STACHE leverages Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2), PCI-DSS, and Common Criteria (ISO/IEC15408) evaluated Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology to provide advanced, reliable data-compromise protection and prevention.

HIPPA compliant, store unique patient identifiers, shared accounts and passwords.

PCI DDS, ISO compliant, store sensitive strings.

Perfect for remote, dispersed and complex teams and/or storing shared logins to 3rd party sites.

No STACHE Too Big or Too Small

Stache is proven at scale to handle large distributed organizations. Stache is also simple and lightweight - perfect for even small teams wishing to store and escrow shared passwords and other sensitive information.


Largest Deployment

30,000+ Active Users

9+ Years in Service

Pricing - Higher Ed

Salty Cloud is a Public Benefit Company. As part of our Public Benefit Mandate we offer significant discounts to Higher Education and non-profit institutions. Please contact us for Enterprise pricing.

Prices in USD based on annual prepaid contract. If you need monthly payments (eg, p-card) please contact us to discuss.

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